Airbone Endocrine Disruptors and their role on diabetes development

Endocrine disruptors are microscopic elements that are commonly found throughout our environment and cause damage by mimicing, blocking or otherwise interfering with our body’s hormones. Diabetes, obesity, neurodevelopmental disorders and reproductive problems may be attributed to these endocrine-disrupting elements.

It is now evident that public health problems related to endocrine disruptors are costing approximately 157 billion euros in European Union. As stated in Endocrine News, the magazine addressed to members of the Endocrine Society, air pollution is receiving attention as one of the major carriers of tiny particles in which dust, soot and metals are compressed. These may be inhaled and depositioned in our lungs but they can easily find their ways into our blood stream and thus reach our pancreas. Consequently, they may suppress insulin release. When they reach other tissues, they may increase insulin resistance.

“Nowadays, health professionals insist on wearing mask as a measure to prevent COVID-19, but how about wearing a mask to protect ourselves from these toxic endocrine disruptors?” ask scientists of Endocrine news.

By Dr Maria Karaflou

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