Living with diabetes in Greece: Your…To Do List 🍒

As a physician having spent time abroad for training reasons, I know how it is to be… a stranger. As an Endocrinologist with working experience in the UK & in Greece, I can tell the huge difference between these two countries in terms of health services. Here is my advice:

When you settle down in Greece, you should find a specialist who will follow up your diabetes management. In Greece, you can easily seek care in hospital setting. All big public & private hospitals offer their services to people with diabetes.

In Greece it is far easier to find an Endocrinologist-Diabetologist  in the community compared to the UK. Most Endocrinologists with private practice offices can examine you regularly and prescribe your insulin or antidiabetic drugs.

Remember to bring your summary from your GP to your Endocrinologist, so that transition is smooth.

Remember to bring your latest prescription from your GP, so that the Greek doctor sees what your current regime is.

Make sure you have a Greek/European social security number or private insurance in place.

Last but not least, enjoy Mediterranean Diet, which is full with anti-oxidants & enjoy walking, running, swimming, keeping yourself active, which is one of the best remedies for healthy living and longevity.

By Dr Maria Karalou Michalas, Endocrinologist-Diabetologist & Specialist of Metabolism

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